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Origin, Origin, Origin

10+2 Commandments of the Pandemic

How many mgs of truth can your body sustain without side effects?

10+2 Commandments of the Pandemic
How many mgs of truth can your body sustain without side effects?

When God began to create heaven and earth—the earth being unformed and void, with darkness over the surface of the deep and a wind from God sweeping over the water—God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. Rashi: This verse does not say anything except “explain me!” Song of Songs 2:1-3 I am a rose of Sharon, A lily of the valleys. Like a lily among thorns, So is my darling among the maidens. Like an apple tree among trees of the forest, So is my beloved among the youths. I delight to sit in his shade, And his fruit is sweet to my mouth

By Him

1. Origin, Origin, Origin. No matter how much humanity tries to divert its gaze from the origin of the Pandemic with a corresponding spur, the reaction of the Spring will lead to its search. It is not an ideological issue. It is not a matter of Left, Right, Democrat, Republicans. It is something more for humanity. It is a Choice of Life or Death. Already the largest media in the world, among them the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, Forbes are highlighting the Laboratory Origin of the virus with articles by their scientific collaborators.
2. Accident or Long-lasting Crime Against Humanity? Nicholas Wade, a research fellow at Nature, Science, The New York Times in a shocking scientific analysis dismisses virtually any possibility of the virus being of natural origin. His analysis even urges us to look at the Laboratory Virus Evidence in the mini pandemics SARS1 and SARS2.
3.Who? As for the natural perpetrators of the production of deadly viruses through the process of gain of function, that is, the scientists, their names are known and published repeatedly. As for the brains and moral perpetrators, they now attract the baffled and puzzled gaze of humanity to them. When the gaze becomes angry and Justice takes action, the terms of the game will change.
4. Why? The answer to why lies in both the personal Freudian traits that turn someone into a potential Hitler, the narcissism of the power that gives him the right to life and death over the inhabitants of the planet and the absolute sense of power since he is currently stronger than elected leaders like Biden, Merkel, Macron, Putin and so on. The pandemic virus replaces the weapons and human army that Hitler needed, for example, to conquer humanity. This power to rule the world from the background is more aphrodisiac than money even though the latter is their favorite game. In essence, the planet is occupied by the Third Reich of Health Imperialism.
We will create viruses, to manufacture vaccines! … This is stated by Pastor Tsiodras shortly before the Pandemic broke out. September 2019. See word for word what it means. Watch the video many times. Watch his movements. It matters what he says, how he says it… He is the same person who starred in the previous mini pandemics. Listen to him. They said it and they did it. They created viruses to manufacture vaccines. Then he allegedly went humbly to church. Pastor, beyond suspicion. The Greek Fauci… At this point, remember how many decades the pedophile rapist Lignadis remained clean because he was swimming in the Guadalquivir of Art. Mr. Tsiodras owes an explanatory statement for the 100 laboratories that create viruses to make vaccines and what the benefit of these laboratories is. Unless, as it turns out, they are the Laboratories for the Production of Deadly Viruses used by Health Imperialism to impose itself on humanity. Who would have believed a statement like this: “we created viruses to manufacture vaccines”?
Should Pastor Tsiodra’s e-mail for the years 2019 until today be made public? Just as the US Government did with the Fauci correspondence. It will be of particular interest … Remember also that television makes Big Idols for the little people. Until one day it strikes as a revelation to us, like the neighborhood of the peaceful murderer…

5. The Vaccines. Vaccines (along with the Virus) are the Tools of Enforcement of Terror and Acquisition of Money. No. None of the vaccines were made to consciously kill humanity — as they did with viruses. However, almost all of them were prepared in no time and received licenses at the same time from disreputable committees and organizations (global and European) with the result that their side effects have now begun to be recorded in practice. None of the pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines do it to kill us or put microchips in us. At the same time, however, the side effects (among them the daily deaths and injuries to organs of the body that are now observed in all countries of the world) force all those involved, as the path of Justice is faintly lit, to admit the problem and become more careful with their use. Already in the last 24 hours we have been informed that vaccines (mainly mRNAs) are not (so) effective in the elderly while the 2nd dose of mRNA vaccines causes more than expected problems of myocarditis and pericarditis to young people and adolescents. We have also not seen for the time being their future side effects in the human body. So, we still do not know the profit-loss gains.
6. Compulsory Vaccination. The forced vaccination will only succeed in bringing Trump back to power in the US and Tsipras in Greece. Is humanity sure it wants to relive a similar experience? Are some stupid executives of the current government and the idiots of epidemiologists, TV-experts and journalists who support Compulsory Vaccination sure when we ignore the extent and depth of side effects and when finally, we do not know the effectiveness of Vaccination?
7. The Example of Israel and the Effectiveness of Vaccination. Let’s see what happened in Israel. Here, former Prime Minister Netanyahu was under pressure for some minor entanglement scandals. Demonstrations outside his home were daily and after the opening of the first lockdown that allowed Israelis to relax and go on holiday abroad, the number of cases took off. With elections ahead of him, Netanyahu started making desperate phone calls to the head of Pfizer. In just 24 hours he made 17 phone calls to order vaccines and control the gallop of deaths. Indeed, Netanyahu succeeds in fully vaccinating more than 57% of Israeli citizens. At the same time, he inflicts a new lockdown again. Keep this in mind because it matters. Cases and deaths are kept to a minimum. Question: Has the vaccine succeeded in Israel? Answer: We have many reservations. We will tell you why. Israel has remained HERMETICALLY closed since March 20, 2020. No even a mosquito can enter the country without an Israeli Passport. The only exceptions were for some artists, journalist-envoys and of course politicians and diplomats. Israel opened on May 23 for some vaccinated groups. The first group to arrive in the country was from a New York Orthodox University. Israel is considering opening to single vaccinated tourists from July 1. Already today, June 11, in the relevant case list, we suddenly see 10 new deaths in the country and 45 new cases. Our assessment is that admixtures of fully vaccinated populations are extremely dangerous both for the speed of mutations and for the possibility of getting sick for those already vaccinated. Australia and New Zealand managed to have minimal deaths with insignificant vaccination rates but with severe lockdowns. Whether vaccinations in Israel have succeeded will be seen when and if the country begins to receive a large number of tourists, even those who have been fully vaccinated.

8. The Medicines. Drugs are currently experiencing Vaccine Imperialism. Although even scientists who created the deadly viruses through the gain of function process (for example, the American Ralph Baric) revealed that they have the cure for the virus the next day they did not come up with a cure. Baric revealed in an interview in the summer of 2020 that he and his team have the drug for COVID-19. He has not spoken since. The ultimate silence. Vaccine Imperialism in the Service of Global Health Imperialism does not allow voices for the existence of drugs to be heard.
9. The Key People> Anthony Fauci-Peter Daszak-Shi Zhengli-Ralph Baric. These 4 hide the black box of the crime against humanity. The 3 because they participated in the preparation of gain of funtion viruses (Peter Daszak-Shi Zhengli-Ralph Baric), with no benefit for humanity as it turns out – the opposite in fact and the mighty Mr. Fauci because he covered them up. Because it covered the laboratory origin of both the Covid-19 virus and the SARS1 and SARS2 viruses.

10. The mRNA pharmaceutical companies. At the moment, there is a road race in progress for the production of new mRNA vaccines, with the logic of flies that have spotted honey.. . The billions involved are dizzying. Only the transport of vaccines in 2020 reached 1.5 trillion euros! The mRNA formulations for 7 years now had not worked effectively on any disease and therefore had not been approved until now. This is because they caused damage to other organs in the body of the mice that had been tested. The fact that Moderna, for example, rushed to sell their shares with bulimia cannot be taken as a good sign. Only the Turkish couple of BionTech who did not sell their shares and still live in a humble apartment in Cologne even though their company is worth over 4.5 billion euros makes us feel some security for their vaccine in terms of side effects. The dose of Pfizer vaccine is only 35 mg while the corresponding dose of Moderna vaccine is 100 mg although the latter does not have better results. Bill Gates has invested in most mRNA vaccine companies. The first he invested in since 2015, when he announced the pandemic, is the famous CureVac of the German businessman Dietmar Hopp, former co-founder of IBM, then co-founder of the software giant SAP and owner of the Hoffenheim football team. Mr. Hopp is, among other things, a fan of Greek cuisine.
10. The Solution. The solution to the problem for Humanity goes through identifying the perpetrators of the preparation and leakage of the virus. Their arrest. Forcing them to confess the specific sequence of their gain of function experiments so that the antidotes, either vaccines or drugs, are as close as possible to the virus-making code. The liberation of scientists from Vaccine Imperialism will also play an important role in the development of medicines if they have not already done so. We estimate that Israeli scientists will give humanity at least 4 different medicines.
10 + 2. The role of Melinda French Gates and Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden. If humanity is saved, it will owe it to two women who, unlike the Chinese Shi Zhengli, retain some of the primordial characteristics of motherhood. Melinda French Gates was the reason why the unraveling of the whole tangle of faces behind the World Health Government started, and Biden’s wife wearing the leather jacket in Cornwall where the G7 meets with the word LOVE on her shoulder seems to send the message that LOVE will once again defeat HATRED against humanity.

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