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Facts speak for themselves

Pfizer vaccines> An historic mistake?

Fauci> -I am not Hitler; I do not have blood on my hands...

Fourteen Israelis have been diagnosed with COVID-19 despite having been inoculated with a third COVID-19 vaccine dose, according to Health Ministry data reported by Channel 12 news on Sunday.


According to the network, two of those infected after receiving the booster shot have been hospitalized.

It was not immediately clear whether the 14 contracted the virus before or after receiving the booster. Such sporadic instances would not be enough for medical officials to draw conclusions as to the third dose’s general effectiveness in fighting off the Delta variant of the disease.

Eleven of the 14 cases were over the age of 60, and the remaining three were immunocompromised individuals under 60, the network said. The two that were hospitalized were over 60.

Some 420,000 Israelis have been administered a third booster shot so far, in a drive that began last week.
Meanwhile, in a Sunday meeting, government ministers fought over the prospect of a nationwide lockdown during the upcoming High Holiday period amid surging COVID-19 cases, according to leaks published on Hebrew-language media.

Reports on Channels 12 and 13 and elsewhere said Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton, who has courted controversy by calling plans to vaccinate students in schools a “crime,” said during the cabinet meeting that the option of a lockdown must be “taken off the agenda.”

She said such talk was leading to economic instability and “people are anxious for… their livelihood,” the reports said. “We have seen the charts — it doesn’t matter whether countries imposed lockdown or not, the morbidity charts look the same.”

Kulanu parliament member Yifat Sassa Biton leads a Rights of Children committee meeting in the Israeli parliament, on a discussion on children murdered by their parents. January 10, 2017. Photo by Miriam Alster/FLASH90 *** Local Caption *** הוועדה לזכויות הילד
דיון חירום בנושא רצח ילדים בידי הוריהם
יפעת ששה ביטון

Intelligence Minister Elazar Stern concurred: “We need to eliminate the word ‘lockdown’ from our lexicon. We are causing people to live under threat.”

Hamad Amar, a minister in the Finance Ministry, noted that Australia is currently in its eighth lockdown yet cases are still on the rise, claiming that “lockdown isn’t a solution.”

Other ministers emphasized the need for a lockdown and the importance of talking publicly about a lockdown before imposing one.

“I also don’t think we should intimidate the public, but the truth is that reality is frightening,” Public Security Minister Omer Barlev reportedly said. “The worst situation is not to mention the word ‘lockdown’ and then in four weeks come to a lockdown.

“We need to tell the truth — it’s in the hands of the public,” Barlev added, apparently meaning that increased public awareness and care for health regulations could stave off a closure.

Also in Sunday’s meeting, Social Equality Minister Meirav Cohen was reported to join ministers’ protests against excluding synagogues from new restrictions on gatherings under the revived Green Pass system.

Starting Sunday, gatherings of any size, indoors and out, are limited to those who have been vaccinated, recovered from the virus, or who present a negative COVID test. While the plan originally included synagogues and other houses of worship, these were eventually exempted in prayer services with fewer than 50 participants.

“It hurt to read about the coronavirus cabinet’s decision to exclude synagogues from the Green Pass. As if we did not learn a lesson from the previous waves,” Cohen said. “There is no justification for this exception. It has also led in the past to the deaths of dozens if not hundreds of people who visited synagogues, and this also greatly harms social solidarity,” she added.

Cabinet Secretary Shalom Shlomo responded to Cohen by saying the move was a legal instruction, and not a political decision. The exemption of religious services stemmed from an agreement between Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and Deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri, who had raised concerns over clamping religious freedom by effectively barring the unvaccinated from communal prayer.

When Cohen asked Shlomo to provide a document instructing the exemption of synagogues, he said there wasn’t one.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett then reportedly broke up the argument and said the issue of synagogues would be examined “in a smaller forum,” likely referring to the coronavirus cabinet, a forum of ministers whose portfolios deal directly with the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry released new figures Sunday morning showing a continued rise in serious coronavirus cases, with 21 new patients on Saturday bringing the total number to 348, up from 257 on Thursday.

An additional 2,886 people were diagnosed with the virus Saturday at a positive test rate of 3.83 percent, bringing the total number of cases in Israel since the start of the pandemic to 898,433.

Israel’s virus death toll is now at 6,535, with 16 fatalities recorded over the weekend.

The ministry said that out of Israel’s population of some 9.3 million, over 5.8 million have received at least one vaccine dose, nearly 5.4 million have gotten two and over 420,000 have been administered a third booster shot.

Over one million Israelis eligible for the vaccine have not yet received a single dose, according to the Health Ministry.

Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli reportedly suggested during Sunday’s meeting that health maintenance organizations should preemptively schedule vaccination appointments for those who haven’t yet received their COVID-19 shots.

Bennett, as well as Health Minister Horowitz, expressed interest in the proposal, and it will be examined by the latter’s office, reports said.

Ministers on Thursday approved significantly expanding restrictions on gatherings under the Green Pass system, which will now extend to hotels, restaurants and gyms. Gatherings of any size, indoors and out, are also now limited to those who have been vaccinated, recovered from the virus, or who present a negative COVID test.

Channel 12 reported on Friday that Health Ministry officials have indicated that a lockdown would be necessary if and when Israel reaches 600 to 700 seriously ill patients.

“The coronavirus will be here for many years and there will be many more variants, and we need to learn to live with it,” Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman reportedly said at Sunday’s meeting.

Israelis take cover under a bridge at the entrance of the central city of Tel Aviv, on May 11, 2021, after rockets were launched towards Israel from the Gaza Strip controlled by the Palestinian Hamas movement. (Photo by Gil COHEN-MAGEN / AFP)

Facts speak for themselves.

Today Tuesday the 22nd of June 2021 international Media feature that the notorious Peter Daszak is no longer a member of the W.H.O committee that is investigating the Covid-19 origins. He is the contractor of the “gain of function” experiments of the Wuhan lab which were funded by Fauci without oversight control by the American authorities.

By The Clockwork Orange Times Team

Peter Daszak has been trying to cover up the laboratory origin of the virus for a year now, publishing “studies” on special scientific websites which were then reproduced by befriended Media while big platforms had ruled out the lab origin of the virus.

Among the scientists who rushed in January 2020(!) to publish spontaneously a study for the natural origin of the virus, is the mysterious Mr Tsiodras, the ambitious and media lover young Mr Magiorkinis and some other colleagues of theirs.

And one year after that both Biden and the infamous W.H.O would be obliged to give a directive for the virus origin to be investigated thoroughly. Just yesterday Dr. Fauci declared in the NYT that he is not Hitler, and he has not got blood on his hands! And this after his correspondence disclosure in which Peter Daszac appears to be thanking him (Fauci) for the disappearance of the virus lab origin.

Fauci’s mentioning of Hitler (which surged out of his subconscious) was not the first occasion the global community had compared the pandemic and its origin as well as its consequences with the 2nd World War. Let us see why. The importance of the virus origin upon which the “The Clockwork Orange Times” has insisted for months is immense, absolute, and crucial for the historical continuity of Humanity.

Even if it has to do with a lab leak from the Wuhan labs the pandemic is going to be turned into a crime against humanity- something already happening in the consciousness of the world public opinion.

Over 50% of the American population believe that the virus is of lab origin. Simultaneously under Biden’s order the American Secret Services are investigating the virus origin.

We are in Spring 2020. The Greek Prime Minister Mr Kiriakos Mitsotakis and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu will be two of the few leaders that will rush into a (effective for that period) lockdown.

During that time Netanyahu was in pressure with Justice for probably inexistent scandals with the Israeli Media people. In Greece, these relationships are self-evident. Ha ha! Demonstrators were protesting almost daily outside the Prime Minister’s house. At the same time and even if Israel was hermetically sealed to foreign tourists Israelis had the chance to travel abroad and they took advantage of it. While they were returning to their country the Health Ministry noticed an outbreak of Covid-19 cases which would be followed by more than 6000 deaths.

Netanyahu who in the meantime in cooperation with Trump was trying to close some deals with the Arab countries was targeted for the pandemic handling as well. As he was under pressure, with the deaths rising and the elections having been planned for the 23rd of March 2021 only in 24 hours he will call Pfizer’s Bourla to order millions of vaccine doses. Indeed, with a vaccine campaign that would gain global admiration he would vaccinate in a year over 5,5 million Israelis and as a result 57% of the Israelis are today fully vaccinated.

In the meantime, the country was and still is hermetically closed to tourists. According to the plan it is to open on the 1st of July 2021.

Some months before the American newspaper Wall Street Journal will drop a bomb speaking of 3 scientists of the Wuhan lab that had been hospitalized with Covid-19 symptoms since November 2019.

The newspaper’s bomb would untie the scientists, journalists, and researchers’ hands so as to look again carefully at the lab origin of the virus which was scorned by Trump’s statement but also by Daszak’s cover up campaign. When the lab origin of the virus started to feature in the international media and the role of people and organizations started to be discrete, Hamas launches a storm of rockets against the people of Israel and as a result public opinion’s attention is attracted to Israel once more and distracted from the virus origin.

The Israeli people in a few months-time would disciplinarily accept to be vaccinated as Netanyahu who in the meantime had accomplished great achievements for his country, was pushing for national vaccination as he wanted to be re-elected.

Hamas rockets and Pfizer Vaccines

By mere “coincidence” the most ideal communicative distraction to cover up an accidental or deliberate crime against humanity, had already started to function as the international Media were featuring the bombarding of the Israeli People as Breaking News. Like in the 2nd World War when the Jews would be the victims and the tools of the morbid fascistic brains.
The 23rd of March Israeli elections were the excuse for the Israeli state to allow to the people with Israeli passports to come to the country to vote.

From the 23rd of March the borders were somehow opened, and they accepted the first vaccinated groups of tourists. To individual tourists the entrance is going to be allowed after the 1st of July as we have noted.

Yet this “light” opening of the borders was the reason why in the last days there has been recorded a surge in coronavirus cases among one of the most vaccinated people of the world! Indeed 30% of the people found positive had been fully vaccinated!!

What does this mean in our opinion? That the effectiveness of the vaccination of Israel has not been tested under the circumstances of an open borders country. As soon as it opened its borders the cases took off.

Netanyahu’s insistence on vaccination set an example to a lot of foreign leaders all over the world. Only the Israeli ex-Prime Minister resorted to this anxious vaccination as he was feeling the breath of Justice and the pressure of the upcoming elections.

The number of deaths from Covid -19 was indeed stabilized and afterwards controlled. We just do not know if this is thanks to the vaccination or the closed borders. Both New Zealand and Australia that are countries with closed borders since March 2020 have recorded some deaths without having their populations vaccinated. Only the 4.5% were vaccinated in New Zealand and just this weekend the attractive Prime Minister of New Zealand had the first shot herself, a Pfizer formulation.
In the meantime, the scientists in Israel have noticed an unexpected for a summer outbreak of severe viral infections. Hospitals began to fill up. In combination with the rise of the number of cases the scientific community of Israel is determined to proceed even more excessively with the vaccination of the 12-15 ages. And this without having the effectiveness of the vaccines or their side effects tested under open borders circumstances.

In our opinion the expansion of the vaccination to the 12-15 aged people when we do not know their effectiveness under open border circumstances is a mistake.

What do we want to say with all this? That just like during the 2nd World War the Jews paid with more that 6 million dead people the morbid fascist brains for one more time in history these people seem to be the passive leading actor of one more crime against humanity.
-I am not Hitler; I do not have blood on my hands….
Fauci is heard in the distance talking to the New York Times the moment that mainstream Media of the USA unleash an unprecedented attack against FOX’s presenter Tucker Carlson who insists on highlighting Fauci’s responsibilities for the virus lab origin cover up but also the responsibilities of the deep state Democrats.

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